Dunkard Fellowship Munich

The Dunkard Fellowship Munich is a christian Churchplant and Mission with an Anabaptist-Pietist Background in the Awakening of Schwarzenau (Schwarzenau Brethren) and th historical Anabaptist Movement of the Reformation Era

Our Mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus, the Restitution of the Early Christian and apostolic Faith and Doctrine and to call people to fulfill the charitable and missionary High Commission of Jesus Christ.
Furthermore, we see it as our Ministy to give the opportunity to be edified daily, and to help eachother to live the Discipleship of Christ in every aspect of our daily lives.

Thus, it is important to provide daily fellowship and activities to live the faith. Part of this are Conventicles (Prayermeetings, Biblestudy, Singing, ect.).
A fruitful and obedient love-faith-relationship with Christ is the Center of our Faith and Practise. All activities are in German and English.

We are a housechurch and a ministry through the missionary couple Minko.
The roots of the Tunkers, also Dunkers or Old German Baptist Brethren go back to the awakened souls at Schwarzenau. In the 18th Century reliious refugees of an anabaptist and pietist background settled in Wittgenstein.
From this group the Brethren developed ( there is no connection and similiarity to the Plymouth-/Darby-Brethren) and later immigrated to the USA.

We identify as an anabaptist-restitutionist Free Church, we value the total seperation of State and Church.
We only take people into membership on the free-willed personal confession of their Faith.
All expenses are funded through Donations.

Other marks are:
- Baptism on the personal confession and unforced decision for Christ, through trine Immersion.
- The Bible is shared without any cost.
-We have no written Confession, except the New Testament
- Communion after a meal and feet washing (Love Feast)
- Anointing of the sick with literal oil.
- No salaried preachers and ministers
-Striving for holiness at heart, and Unity of Faith and Works.
-Modest and simple lifestyle.
- Non-swearing of any oaths.
-Non-resistance and refuse to serve in the military. Gewaltlosigkeit und Ablehnung von Kriegsdienst

This is a independant Churchplant, which stands in a loving, brotherly bond with the Old German Baptist Brethren (New Conference) which has Congregations all over the US.

We view ourselves as united in faith and spirit with all born-again and honest Christians.
We refuse to participate in the Evangelical Alliance and the Eucomenical Council/National Council of Churches.

As we meet in private room, we ask for becoming familiar with us.


Gemeindeart: Mennoniten (AMG, MFÖ, KMS)
Gottesdienst: Sonntag 10:00 Uhr
Gemeindebesucher: ca. 1-10 Personen
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch
Kinderbetreuung: ❌ (keine - während des Gottesdienstes)
Ansprechpartner: Jonathan Minko
Telefonnummer: +49 015204964217
E-Mail-Adresse: E-Mail-Adresse der Gemeinde Dunkard Fellowship Munich
80999 München
☛  https://taufgesinntemuenchen.wordpress.com/


Chor / Band
Jugendstunden (ab ca. 20 Jahre)